Angel Sucker

 Materials needed:
 5" square of muslin (or pink or flesh colored fabric)
 Tootsie roll pop or Blo pop or other round candy sucker on a stick
 10" jute (or narrow ribbon or even colored yarn)
 10" twisted paper- color of choice- for wings
Small mass of doll hair- shown is curly yarn style (curly nylon would work too)
 3 1/2" of narrow, flat, gold braid (or rick rack or narrow ribbon)- for halo
 small bell, small silk flower or wood heart, or other trim of choice (optional)
 tacky glue (or glue gun)

Body: Place top of sucker on center of fabric square and fold edges evenly up around the sucker. Hold in place and tie TIGHTLY with jute or ribbon in a DOUBLE KNOT. Arrange folds till pleased with the effect, choose the best looking side for the front. Slide the ribbon ends around to this point and tie bow.

 Hair: If using curly yarn, cut a small mass of it (an amount that will fit on the end of the sucker). Dot head with glue where the hair will fit. Take the mass of it in your hand and push it into the glue. Arrange it as needed, pressing stray strands into the glue. When glue is set, trim it as necessary. The same method will work for curly nylon, but be a little more careful not to get it tangled with glue.

 Note: Watch yard sales for pieces of crochet or knit in "hair" colors. When you unravel them you have instant (and cheap) curly yarn doll hair.

 I am told that one can wrap yarn around a knitting needle and heat it to curl it. I HAVE NOT TRIED THIS. If any of you students have, you might want to post the method on the bulletin board.

 Halo: Cut 3 1/2" of flat gold braid (or rick rack or ribbon) and overlap the ends at right angles as shown. Glue ends together and then glue this point to the BACK of the head so that halo stands up over head as shown.

 Wings: Cut 10" of twisted paper. If paper is very stiff, mist or sprinkle LIGHTLY with a little water and seal in a plastic bag for 15-20 minutes. Paper will relax and be much easier to untwist. Cut the paper lengthwise to make a strip 10" long by 2- 2 1/2" wide. 


 Trim front neck in center of bow with trim of choice.

 These suckers are cute for Valentine's Day with pinks or reds and trimmed with a small candy heart. They can be adapted to other seasons/holidays by varying the colors and trims.

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